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Virtual Inspections

Are you traveling abroad during your 7–10-day inspection contingency period? Our services provide a virtual & visual inspection to our international clients using FaceTime.

Ask any and all questions throughout your entire virtual walkthrough.
An iPad is used to take and dissect pictures to further explain suggestions or recommendations of problematic areas.

Payments are welcome through PayPal,Venmo,Cash App USDT Tether Binance Smart Chain, BNB Binance Smart Chain.
The inspection report will be sent via email to our clients within 24 hours from the time of the physical inspection.
The invoice and sales receipt will be sent to you via email through QuickBooks.

    Walk-and-Talk Inspections

    Why wave your Inspection? It’s your single largest investment. An alternative solution is an Walk-and-Talk inspection.

    Accompanying our client(s) on a verbal, visual inspection by answering questions, expressing concerns and making suggestions/ recommendations.
    Ask any and all questions throughout your entire Walk-and-Talk.
    Time will range between 30 minutes to 1 hour (that time is dictated by the Sellers Broker)
    Price will vary .
    Payments that are welcome by checks,Visa, Mastercard, Venmo, PayPal,Cash App, Crytpo USDT Tether Binance Smart Chain, BNB Binance Smart Chain & Square.

    A thorough professional home inspection report will be sent to you via email within 24 hours of your Home Inspection

    Our services include the general home inspection which we do an all around full inspection of the interior and exterior of each home, a water test is optional, but in that we do a full water test, send it off to our water quality treatment facility to get the results in 1-3 days. Our termite inspections are optional. It involves us visually examining the perimeter exterior and interior of each home and look for signs of wood decay from the inside out and dirt mounds trails on the foundation. We document the findings but we are not exterminators. Mold Inspections are optional. We do a perimeter check in the basements and attic spaces where we would find our more common areas for mold infestation. Chimney Inspections are also optional unless specified otherwise. We look from the top down and try to make sure that brick in mortar joints are in good working condition, how is the buildup of soot in the ashtray of the chimney and if the flu’s do not need to be replaced. You cannot see the flu, but you get a general idea of the condition of the chimney. We make sure those toxic gases are flowing out of the house and up the chimney and not backdraft into your home. Light Commercial Inspections are classified as a commercial building with no more than 20,000 sq. ft of space and a minimum of (5) individual dwellings. Drone Services with drone pic stating services will be offered soon.

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    Prices may vary depending on the scope of the inspection.

    Pricing for Ancillary Services