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The home inspection is an inevitable step before you buy a new home. When you work with a certified and professional home inspector, it allows you to identify any potential issues with the home you are intending to buy. They can analyze the house from various aspects – ranging from foundation to plumbing fixtures, structural strength to pest infestation, ceilings to the floor, and more.    

If you are in search of an honest and experienced professional for home inspection South Portland ME, we have got you covered. 

OnPoint Home Inspection Service 

OnPoint Home Inspection is one of the top-rated home inspection companies serving the Southern Maine area. As an owner-operated local home inspection service company, we consider transparency and reliability as hallmarks of our service. We work with commercial and residential clients and cater to their home inspection requirements skillfully and professionally. We guarantee you steadfast assistance and a detailed home report when you hire us for home inspection South Portland, ME.  

Why Choose Onpoint For Home Inspection South Portland, Maine? 

  • Comprehensive Home Inspection Service 

As a full-service company, we are experienced and knowledgeable to handle all types of home inspection services ranging from general home inspection to termite inspection. Our comprehensive home inspection report includes everything you need to know about the new home to ensure proper safety.

  • Professional Excellence 

We are equipped to handle your home inspection requirements quickly without compromising on the quality of service. We follow a strategic and scientific approach while we inspect your home rather than doing guesswork.

  • Convenience  

As a company that follows a customer-first approach, we strive hard to make our services convenient for our customers. You can get in touch with service requests online or offline and our super-friendly staff assures you of quick response. 

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